Chandubi Festival

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Recently, the Chandubi Festival was celebrated along the Chandubi Lake in the state of Assam.

About Chandubi Festival

  • It is organised every year for five days starting from the first day of the New Year along the Chandubi lake, which is situated in the state of Assam.
  • The main attractions of the Chandubi festival are the local folk culture, ethnic cuisine, local handloom and dresses, boating, etc.
  • The major aim of the Chandubi Festival is to promote eco-tourism in this biodiversity hotspot of Assam.
  • Preserving the waterbody, the water level of which has rapidly been lowering over the years, has been the motive for organising the festival every year.
  • The festival has been providing an opportunity to generate livelihood to different tribes – Rabhas, Garos, Gorkhas and tea tribes – living in the area by selling different food items and homemade beverages, and traditionally woven attire.

Key points about Chandubi lake

  • It was created during a massive earthquake in the year 1897.
  • The name Chandubi is derived from two words where Chand means five and Dubi means sinking in Khasi language.
  • This freshwater lake was turned to an economically viable water body that would sustain different communities living around the lake.
  • It is a very prosperous wetland of the state that houses numerous species of aquatic flora and fauna.

Q1) What is ecotourism?

It refers to forms of tourism which have the following characteristics: All nature-based forms of tourism in which the main motivation of the tourists is the observation and appreciation of nature as well as the traditional cultures prevailing in natural areas.

Source: All you need to know about Assam's Chandubi Festival