Chheligada Irrigation Project

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5T secretary-cum-secretary to the Odisha Chief Minister recently directed officials to begin construction of the multipurpose irrigation project at Chheligada.

About Chheligada Irrigation Project:

  • It is a multipurpose medium project being undertaken across river Badjhore, a tributary of river Vansadhara near the village Chheligada in the Gajapati District of Odisha. 
  • The Project envisages the construction of a 250m long & 30m high dam across the river Badjhore with a central spillway.
  • After this Project, 5201 hectares metres water can be preserved and water can be supplied for irrigation of 5760 hectares of land in Ganjam and 500 hectares of land in Gajapati districts.
  • This Project will also provide drinking water to Brahampur City.
  • Additionally, 36 MW of electricity can be produced through a mini hydel project in three places Shiali Loti, Kankata and Dekili in the Gajapati district.
  • The salient features of the Project are:
    • 90m long centrally located Ogee-type gated Spillway;
    • 1.13 km long tunnel to connect Chheligada reservoir with Ghodahada river;
    • Canal system directly from the dam to irrigate in the Gajapati district;
    • Laying of the pipeline for drinking water supply to Berhampur (Distt. Ganjam);


Q1) Which is the major tributary of the Vamsadhara river?

Vamsadhara River is a significant east flowing river between Godavari and Mahanadi which meanders between north-eastern Andhra Pradesh and southern Odisha. One of the major tributaries of Vamsadhara River is Mahendratanaya which originates in Gajapati district of Odisha. It joins the main river in the state of Andhra Pradesh, upstream of Gotta barrage.

Source: Move to start Rs 936 crore Gajapati irrigation project in Odisha