Chhukha Hydroelectric Project

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India recently agreed to an upward revision of tariff of the Chhukha hydroelectric project.

About Chhukha Hydroelectric Project:

  • It is a run-of-the-river reservoir-based project
  • Location: It is located in the Wangchu River/basin in Chukha, Bhutan.
  • Installed capacity: 336 MW.
  • It was built by the Government of India (GoI) at the cost of Rs. 246 crores.
  • The GoI fully funded this project with a 60 per cent grant and a 40 per cent loan.
  • The project construction commenced in 1979 and subsequently entered into commercial operation in 1986.
  • Power Purchase Agreement: The power generated from the project is sold to the Eastern Regional Power Grid of India under a power purchase agreement.


Q1) Which are the major river systems in Bhutan?

There are four major river systems in Bhutan namely Torsa, Wangchu (known as Raidak in India), Sankosh and Manas. All these rivers having large snow fed perennial flows, afford attractive possibilities of hydro-electric development.

Source: India to step up support for Bhutan's five-year plan, work for expediting rail link project