Christmas Celebration

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Christmas, marking the birth of Jesus Christ, was celebrated across the country and around the world on December 25.

About Christmas:

  • Christmas is an annual festival, commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed primarily on December 25 in the Gregorian calendar around the world.
  • It is believed that Joseph and Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ, considered to be the son of God, on December 25 in Bethlehem.
  • Jesus of Nazareth was a spiritual leader whose teachings formed the foundation of Christianity.
  • Although the Bible does not mention a specific date for his birth, Emperor Constantine — the first Christian Roman emperor — designated December 25 as Christmas, which became a day to commemorate Christ’s birth.
  • The United States declared December 25 as a federal holiday in 1870 and it has been a widely-recognised holiday around the world ever since.
  • Celebrations:Christians, especially Catholics, arrive at churches for Midnight mass, which is followed by greeting friends and family. The places of worship are decorated with Poinsettia flowers and candles for the Christmas Eve Midnight Mass service.


Q1) What is the Gregorian calendar? 

The Gregorian calendar is the most widely used solar calendar proclaimed in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII as a reform of the Julian calendar.

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