Chungthang Dam

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A major disaster took place in Sikkim recently, when the Chungthang Hydro-Dam was washed away by flooding of the Teesta River.

About Chungthang Dam

  • Chungthang Dam, also known as the Chungthang Hydroelectric Project, is a dam and hydroelectric power station located in Chungthang, a town in Sikkim.
  • It is an integral part of the 1200 MW mega Teesta Stage III Hydro Electric Project, a major source of electricity for Sikkim and West Bengal.
  • It is a run-of-the-river hydroelectric project, which was commissioned in 2017.
  • The dam had a gross height of 817 metres and a net head of 778 metres, which was used for power generation.


About Teesta Stage III Hydro Electric Project:

  • It is a 1,200 MW hydro power project.
  • It is located on the Teesta river/basin in Sikkim.
  • It is a run-of-river project.
  • The project’s construction commenced in 2008 and subsequently entered into commercial operation in 2017.


Key Facts about Teesta River:

  • It is a trans-Himalayan river flowing through the Indian states of Sikkim and West Bengal and, Rangpur in Bangladesh.
  • It is a tributary of Brahmaputra River.
  • Origin: It originates in the Himalayas and flows through the Indian States of Sikkim and West Bengal before entering Bangladesh, where it flows into the Brahmaputra. 
  • It has a total length of about 309 kilometers.
  • Main Tributary: Rangeet River


Q1) Which are the major tributaries of Brahmaputra River?

The tributaries namely Subansiri, Ronganadi, Dikrong, Buroi, Borgong, Jiabharali, Dhansiri (North) Puthimari, Manas, Beki, Aie, Sonkosh are the main tributaries on the North while the Noadehing, Buridehing, Desang, Dikhow, Bhogdoi, Dhansiri (South), Kopilli, Kulsi, Krishnai, Dhdhnoi, Jinjiran are the main tributaries on the south bank of the river Brahmaputra. 

Source: Chungthang dam washed away in Sikkim: What caused the disaster and how the government plans to minimise such risks in future