Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology (CSTT)

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The Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology (CSTT) is rushing to create technical and scientific terminology in 10 Indian languages underrepresented in the learning landscape.

About Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology (CSTT):

  • CSTT was established on October 01, 1961 in pursuance of a Presidential Order dated April 27, 1960 with the objective to evolve technical terminology in all Indian Languages
  • It was established under clause (4) of Article 344 of the Constitution of India.
  • It is functioning under Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Government of India with its headquarters at New Delhi. 
  • Primary Function: Evolve standard terminology, propagate its use and distribute it widely.
  • Other functions:
    • Preparation and Publication of Bilingual and Trilingual Glossaries involving English/Hindi and other Indian Languages.
    • Preparation and Publication of National terminology.
    • Identification and Publication of School Level Terminology and Departmental Glossaries.
    • Identification of Pan Indian Terms.
    • Preparation of Definitional Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias.
    • Preparation of University level textbooks,monographs and journals.
    • Grant-in-Aid to Granth Academies, Textbook Boards and University Cells for University level books in regional languages.
    • Propagation, expansion and critical review of terms coined and defined through training/orientation programmes, workshops, seminars etc.
    • Free distribution of Publications.
    • Providing necessary terminology to the National Translation Mission.
  • In the process of evolution of scientific and technical terminology and reference material in Hindi and Indian Languages, the Commission shall have collaboration of State Governments, Universities, Regional Text-Book Boards and State Granth Academies.


Q1) What is Article 344 of the Indian Constitution?

Article 344(1) provides for the constitution of a Commission by the President on expiration of five years from the commencement of the Constitution and thereafter at the expiration of ten years from such commencement, which shall consist of a Chairman and such other members representing the different languages specified in the Eighth Schedule to make recommendations to the President for the progressive use of Hindi for official purposes of the Union.

Source: 10 Indian languages to get technical-term dictionaries