Conservation initiatives in the Budget

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During the Budget speech Union finance minister announced multiple schemes towards the protection and conservation of India's natural heritage, including mangroves and wetlands.

Key schemes announced in the budget are:

  • MISHTI (Mangrove Initiative for Shoreline Habitats & Tangible Incomes)
  • It is a new programme that will facilitate mangrove plantations along India’s coastline and on saltpan lands. 
    • The programme will operate through “convergence between MGNREGS, Campa Fund and other sources.”
    • This new programme will aim at the intensive afforestation of coastal mangrove forests. 
  • Amrit Dharohar
  • This is a scheme that will be implemented over the next three years to encourage the optimal use of wetlands and enhance bio-diversity, carbon stock, eco-tourism opportunities and income generation for local communities.
  • Amrit Dharohar will emphasise the importance of wetlands and their preservation, with an outlook that is inclusive of local communities as caretakers of the ecosystem.


Q1) What are mangrove forests?

Mangroves are a special type of tre e that lives along tropical coastlines, rooted in salty sediments, often underwater.

Source: MISHTI, Amrit Dharohar, PM PRANAM: Conservation initiatives in the Budget