Cordy gold nanoparticles (Cor-AuNPs)

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Cordy gold nanoparticles (Cor-AuNPs) Blog Image


Assam’s Bodoland University is part of collaborative research on fungus-powered biosynthesised nanogold particles that has received an international patent from Germany.

About Cordy gold nanoparticles (Cor-AuNPs):

  • Cordy gold nanoparticles (Cor-AuNPs) is the outcome of a collaborative experiment by scientists from four Indian institutions, has earned an international patent from Germany.
  • These nanoparticles, derived from the synthesis of the extracts of Cordyceps militaris and gold salts, could make drug delivery in the human body faster and surer.
  • Cordyceps militarisis a high value parasitic fungus, lab-grown at the Department of Biotechnology’s Technology Incubation Centre (TIC) in Bodoland University, one of the collaborators of the patented research work.
  • Gold salts are ionic chemical compounds of gold generally used in medicine.
  • Wild Cordyceps mushroom is found in the eastern Himalayan belt.


  • Penetration in the cells is more when the drug particles are smaller. 
  • Cordyceps militaris, called super mushroom because of its tremendous medicinal properties, adds bioactive components to the synthesis of gold nanoparticles for better penetration.

Source : The Hindu