Cryogenic Engine

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The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has successfully conducted the hot test of CE20 cryogenic engine.

About Cryogenic Engine:

  • According to ISRO, CE20 cryogenic engine is indigenously developed for LVM3.
  • This will enhance the LVM3 payload capability up to 450 kg with additional propellant loading.
  • The Launch Vehicle Mark-III went through the hot test at an uprated thrust level of 21.8 tonnes for the first time.
  • The major modifications carried out on this test article compared to previous engines was introduction of Thrust Control Valve (TCV) for thrust control.
  • In addition to the hot test, a 3D printed LOX and LH2 turbine exhaust casings were inducted in the engine for the first time.
  • The LVM3 is the heaviest launch vehicle of ISRO.

Source : The Hindu