Direct-to-mobile (D2M) technology

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Indian telecom operators have asked the government to auction the spectrum that will be used for direct-to-mobile (D2M) technology services.

About Direct-to-mobile (D2M) technology

  • The science behind D2M is similar to that of an FM radio, where a receiver within the device can tap into different radio frequencies.
  • This new-age technology is a combination of broadband and broadcast that uses mobile phones to capture territorial digital TV signals.
  • Using D2M, multimedia content, including live TV matches, can be streamed to phones directly without using the internet. 
  • D2M can ensure-
    • Emergency alerts are delivered directly, reliably and without dependence on internet/cellular networks. 
    • Disaster Management audio content is delivered directly and authentically in a targeted manner.
    • With D2M, governments can broadcast citizen-centric information.
    • This approach benefits consumers by reducing their reliance on internet data consumption for staying informed and entertained.
  • Challenges involved 
    • It is still in the development stage.
    • The biggest challenge in front of the government is to bring different stakeholders, including telecommunications, on board in launching D2M tech on a wide scale.

Q1) What Is Broadband?

Broadband refers to various high-capacity transmission technologies that transmit data, voice, and video across long distances and at high speeds. Common mediums of transmission include coaxial cables, fiber optic cables, and radio waves.

Source: Why telcos are asking govt to auction direct-to-mobile services spectrum