Denotified, nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes

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Recently, A three-day national conclave on denotified, nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes concluded in Hyderabad.

About Denotified, nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes:

  • The De-notified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes are the most neglected, marginalized and economically and socially deprived communities.
  • Denotified tribes (DNTs) are communities that were ‘notified’ as being ‘born criminal’ during the British regime under a series of laws starting with the Criminal Tribes Act of 1871 and 1947.
  • These Acts were repealed by the Independent lndian Government in l952, and these communities were "De-Notified".
  • These tribes somehow escaped the attention of our developmental framework and thus are deprived of the support unlike Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.
  • Development and Welfare Board:
    • It has constituted by the ministry in 2019 on the recommendation of National Commission formed in 2017.
    • The Board has been mandated to formulate and implement welfare and development programmes for these communities.

Scheme for Economic Empowerment of DNTs (SEED)

  • Aim: To provide free competitive exam coaching, health insurance, housing assistance and livelihood initiatives at community level and financial assistance for construction of houses will be provided to the members of DNT/NT/SNT Communities.
  • An amount of 200 crore has been allocated for this scheme — to be spent over five years from FY2021-22 to FY2025-26.
  • Nodal Ministry: Social Justice and Empowerment Ministry. 

The National Commission for Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes

  • The National Commission for Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes was constituted by the Ministry in 2005.
  • Its mandate was to study the socio-economic conditions of the “most disadvantaged and vulnerable sections of Indian society” and to identify measures for their development.


Q1) What is the function of Social Justice and Empowerment Ministry

The Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment is entrusted with the welfare, social Justice and empowerment of disadvantaged and marginalized section of the society viz. Scheduled Caste, Backward Classes, Persons with Disabilities, Senior Citizens, and Victims of Drug Abuse etc.

Source: National conclave on backward and nomadic communities concludes in Hyderabad.