Dhanush Artillery Guns

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The Indian Army is expecting to receive all the 114 Dhanush artillery guns which it has ordered by 2026, according to defence sources.

About Dhanush Artillery Guns

  • It is the first long-range artillery gun to be produced in India.
  • The 155 mm/45-calibre gun system is a towed Howitzer designed indigenously by the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB).
  • It is an upgrade of the existing 155 mm, 39-calibre Bofors FH 77 gun. It is based on schematics supplied by Bofors/BAE Systems under a technology transfer agreement concluded in the late 1980s.
  • Features:
    • It has demonstrated a range of 38 km with specialised ammunition.
    • It is capable of firing eight rounds per minutes and needs a crew of six to eight artillerymen.
    • It is equipped with an inertial navigation-based sighting system, auto-laying facility, onboard ballistic computation and an advanced day and night direct firing system.
    • The self-propulsion unit allows the gun to negotiate and deploy itself in mountainous terrains with ease.


Q1) What is an artillery gun?

An artillery gun, often simply referred to as an "artillery piece" or "gun," is a large caliber firearm designed to fire shells, projectiles, or other munitions over relatively long distances. These guns are typically used by military forces for various purposes, including artillery support, indirect fire, and long-range bombardment. 

Source: Army likely to complete inducting 114 Dhanush guns by 2026