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The Ministry of Tourism recently stated that the first G20 Tourism Working Group meeting will be held in Gujarat’s Rann of Kutch and the delegates of Rann of Kutch meeting will be taken to Dholavira w

About Dholavira:

  • Dholavira is an archaeological site of immense importance associated with the Indus Valley Civilization. 
  • It represents the ruins of an ancient city of the Harappan civilization that was inhabited over a period of 1,200 years from 3000 BCE through 1800 BCE.
  • Location: The site is located near the village of Dholavira, in the Kutch District of the Indian state of Gujarat
  • Dholavira is the fifth largest site of the Indus Valley Civilization in the sub-continent. 
  • It lies between two seasonal streams, the Mansar in the north and Manhar in the south.
  • It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2021.
  • Features:
  • It comprises of two parts: a walled city and a cemetery to the west of the city. 
  • The walled city consists of a fortified Castle with attached fortified Bailey and Ceremonial Ground, and a fortified Middle Town and a Lower Town.
  • The archaeological remains of the city of Dholavira include fortifications, gateways, water reservoirs, ceremonial ground, residential units, workshop areas, and cemetery complex, all clearly representing the Harappan culture and its various manifestations. 
  • A series of reservoirs are found to the east and south of the Citadel.
  • The water system of Dholavira was very well planned with 16 reservoirs and water channels that stored water or diverted water from nearby rivulets.
  • Step wells leading to large public baths have also been discovered here.


Where is Rann of Kutch?

  • It is a salt marshy land in the Thar Desert in the Kachchh district of western Gujarat.
  • It lies between Gujarat in India and the Sindh province in Pakistan.
  • The Rann of Kachchh is famous for its white salty desert sand and is reputed to be the largest salt desert in the world.


Q1) Which are the major sites of Indus Valley Civilization in India?

Some major sites of Indus Valley Civilization in India are Lothal (Gujarat), Ropar (Punjab), Kalibangan (Rajasthan), Alamgirpur (U.P), Bhansali (Haryana), Rakhigarhi (Haryana), Dholavira (Gujarat)

Source:  G20: Rann of Kutch to host first tourism meeting from Feb 7 to 9