Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI)

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The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) is celebrating its 65th Founding Day on 5th-6th December, 2022.

What is Directorate of Revenue Intelligence?

  • DRI is the premier intelligence and enforcement agency on anti-smuggling matters under the aegis of Central Board of Indirect taxes & Customs (CBIC), Government of India.
  • It came into existence on 4th December 1957.
  • The DRI with its Headquarters at New Delhi has 12 Zonal Units, 35 regional Units and 15 Sub-regional units.
  • Mandate:
  • Preventing and detecting cases of smuggling of narcotic drugs & psychotropic substances, gold, diamonds, precious metals, wildlife items, cigarettes, arms, ammunitions & explosives, counterfeit currency notes, foreign currency, SCOMET items, hazardous & environmentally sensitive materials, antiques etc.
  • Taking punitive action against the organised crime groups engaged therein.
  • DRI is also engaged in unearthing commercial frauds and customs duty evasion.


Q1) What are SCOMET items?

SCOMET is an acronym for Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipment, and Technologies, and these are dual-use items that can be used for both civilian and military applications. India's Foreign Trade Policy regulates the export of items on the SCOMET List.

Source: PIB