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Recently, Dudhwa Tiger Reserve (DTR) hosted a two-day consultation workshop on the species recovery plan and monitoring protocols with a special focus on fishing cats.

About Dudhwa Tiger Reserve:

  • It is located on the Indo-Nepal border in the district Lakhimpur-Kheri in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Rivers: The Sharda River flows by the Kishanpur WL Sanctuary, the Geruwa River flows through the Katerniaghat WL Sanctuary and the Suheli and Mohana streams flow in the Dudhwa National Park, all of which are tributaries of the mighty Ghagra River.
  • Dudhwa Tiger Reserve (DTR) comprises Dudhwa National Park (DNP) and Kishanpur and Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuaries.
  • The Dudhwa National Park is a typical Tarai-Bhabar habitat of the upper Gangetic plains Biogeographic province.
  • Flora: The vegetation is of the North Indian Moist Deciduous type, containing some of the finest examples of Sal forests (Shorea robusta) in India.
  • Fauna: Tiger, Langu, Smooth Indian Otter, Hog Deer, Mugger, Ghariyal, Python, Sandboa, Banded krait, Russel’s viper, Rat snake etc.


Q1) What is Bhangar and Bhabar?

Bhabar is a hilly area that is composed of loose rocks and boulders. Bhangar is an area that is composed of clay and sand.

Source: DTR hosts 2-day workshop on species recovery of endangered cats