Emblica chakrabartyi

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Recently, scientists have reported the discovery of a new plant species Emblica chakrabartyi from Adichilthotti within the Edamalayar forest range of Kerala.

About Emblica chakrabartyi:

  • The species belonging to the gooseberry (Phyllanthaceae) family has been named after Tapas Chakrabarty, former scientist at the Botanical Survey of India, for his contribution to the study on Phyllanthaceae.
  • Features
    • The plant attains a height of approximately 2 metres. The leaves are large with a shiny elongated oval shape of up to 13 cm.
    • The flowering and fruiting occur during December to June. Male flowers are found in inflorescence whereas females ones are in single, on the leaf axils.
    • Each flower bears yellowish green coloured six petals. The fruits are brown to black when they ripen and the seeds are black about 8-9 mm diameter.
    • Generally growing as shrubs in tropical rain forests, 55 species of the genus Emblica have been recorded all around the world.
    • The new plant is the eleventh from India.

Q1: What is a Tropical Rainforest?

It is a hot, humid, and flourishing dense forest, usually found around the equator. Tropical rainforests receive around 100 inches (254 centimeters) of rainfall yearly, and contain tall broad-leaved evergreen trees that form a continuous canopy.

Source: New plant species discovered from Edamalayar forest range