EOS-06 satellite

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Recently, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) released images of Earth captured by the EOS-06 satellite.

About the EOS-06 satellite:

  • Earth Observation satellite (EOS-6) is the third-generation satellite in the Oceansat series.
  • This is to provide continuity services for Oceansat-2 spacecraft with enhanced payload specifications as well as application areas.
  • Payloads of the satellite are
    • Ocean Color Monitor (OCM-3)
    • Sea Surface Temperature Monitor (SSTM)
    • Ku-Band Scatterometer (SCAT-3)
    • ARGOS

What are the objectives of the Mission?

  • To ensure the data continuity of Ocean colour and wind vector data to sustain the operational applications.
  • To improve the applications, some additional datasets such as Sea Surface Temperature and more number of bands in the Optical region for fluorescence and in the Infrared region for atmospheric corrections are accommodated.
  • To develop/improve related algorithms and data products to serve in well-established application areas and to enhance the mission utility.
  • The EOS-06 is envisaged to observe ocean color data, sea surface temperature and wind vector data to use in Oceanography, climatic and meteorological applications.
  • The satellite also supports value added products such as potential fishing zone using chlorophyll, SST and wind speed and land based geophysical parameters.


Q1) What is an oceansat satellite?

Oceansat is a series of earth observation satellites built, launched, and operated by Indian Space Research Organisation, and dedicated to oceanography and atmospheric studies.

Source: ISRO releases images of Earth captured by its EOS-06 satellite