ETHANOL 100 Fuel

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Recently, the union Minister for Petroleum & Natural Gas and Housing and Urban Affairs, launched ‘ETHANOL 100, a revolutionary automotive fuel at IndianOil Retail Outlet.

About ETHANOL 100 Fuel

  • It has high-octane rating, typically between 100-105.
  • It proves ideal for high-performance engines, ensuring improved efficiency and power output all while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Moreover, ETHANOL 100’s versatility shines through, as it can be used in a wide array of vehicles, including flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs) designed to run on gasoline, ethanol, or any blend of the two.
  • Its practicality and potential to become a mainstream fuel option with the right infrastructure in place.
  • It includes 93-93.5 percent ethanol blended with 5 percent petrol and 1.5 percent co-solvent, which is a binder. 
  • It stands as a cleaner, greener alternative to gasoline, boasting lower emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants, thus aiding in combating climate change and enhancing air quality in our communities.

What are flex-fuel vehicles?

  • These are designed to run on a variety of fuels.
  • These are equipped with an internal combustion engine (ICE) which can run on petrol or ethanol or methanol, giving consumers choice at the point of sale of the fuel.
  • Apart from a few modifications, flex fuel vehicles are similar to petrol-only cars.

Q1) What is Octane number?

It is also called octane value or octane rating, is one of the critical measures of a gasoline's performance. It is a measure of a fuel's resistance to knock or to ignite prematurely.

Source: ETHANOL 100 fuel launched by Petroleum Minister Hardeep S Puri