Exercise Agni Warrior

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The 12th Edition of Exercise Agni Warrior recently concluded on 30 November 2022.

What is Exercise Agni Warrior?

  • It is a bilateral exercise between the Singapore & Indian Army.
  • Exercise Agni Warrior, involved showcasing joint firepower planning, execution and use of New Generation Equipment by the Artillery arm of both armies.
  • Exercise also included participation by both sides in a joint computer war-game as part of joint planning process.
  • Both sides utilised niche technology and Artillery Observation Simulators as part of joint training phase.
  • Indigenously manufactured Artillery guns and howitzers also participated during the final phase of the exercise.
  • The exercise achieved its aim of enhancing mutual understanding of drills & procedures and improving interoperability between the two armies.


Q1) How many military exercises are there in India?

There are four major domestic military exercises of India namely Gandiv Vijay, Paschim Lehar, Vayu Shakti and Vijay Prahar.

Source: PIB