Exercise Bold Kurukshetra

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Prelims: International Relations & Institutions
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About Exercise Bold Kurukshetra:

  • It was the 13th edition of Exercise Bold Kurukshetra, a bilateral military exercise between India and the Singapore army.
  • For the first time in the exercise series, both armies participated in a command post Exercise, which involved Battalion and Brigade level planning elements and computer wargaming.
  • Hosted by the Indian Army, the exercise involved soldiers from the 42nd Battalion, Singapore Armoured Regiment and an Armoured Brigade of the Indian Army.
  • It involved an understanding of mechanised warfare in emerging threats and evolving technologies, developing inter-operability through a computer simulation-based Wargame using joint operational and tactical procedures controlled through a joint command post.
  • First conducted in 2005, this exercise underscores the strong and long-standing bilateral defence relationship between both countries and enhances cooperation between the two armies.
  • Both defence establishments also interact regularly through high-level visits, policy dialogues, courses and other professional exchanges.


Q1) What is command post Exercise?

A command post exercise is a total force sustainment, support operations-centric, functionally focused training exercise. It can involve units of various staff sections, whether battalion, brigade or division level.