Exercise Malabar

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The 31st edition of the Malabar multilateral exercise will be held off Sydney from August 11-21.

About Exercise Malabar


  • It was started in 1992 as a bilateral naval exercise between India and US navy.
  • The first Malabar Exercise in the Bay of Bengal took place in 2007.
  • It was expanded into a trilateral format with the inclusion of Japan in 2015.
  • In 2020, the Australian Navy joined the Malabar Exercise, making it a quadrilateral naval exercise.
  • The aim of the Malabar Exercise of India, the US, Japan and Australia is to coordinate for a free, open, and inclusive Indo-Pacific.
  • It takes place annually in the Indian Ocean and Pacific Oceans alternatively.
  • This exercise includes a diverse range of activities such as fighter combat operations and maritime interdiction operations.


Other Joint Maritime Exercises of India

  • IBSAMAR: It is a maritime exercise held by India, South Africa, and Brazil.
  • SIMBEX: India and Singapore.
  • SLINEX: India and Sri Lanka.


Q1) What is Marine technology?

Marine technology refers to the various technological advancements and innovations designed to explore, study, exploit, and manage the resources and environments of the world's oceans and seas. It encompasses a wide range of fields, including marine engineering, oceanography etc.

Source: Exercise Malabar to be held off Sydney from August 11-21