Exercise SEA DRAGON 23

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Indian Navy is participating in SEA DRAGON 23 exercise in waters off Guam, USA which has been scheduled from 15-30 March 23.

About Exercise SEA DRAGON 23:

  • The Sea Dragon is an annual, multinational anti-submarine warfare (ASW) exercise conducted by the United States Navy.
  • Participating Countries: India, USA, Japan, Canada and South Korea.
  • The annual exercise launched in 2014. This is the third edition of the coordinated multi-lateral ASW exercise for Long Range MR ASW aircraft.
  • The Exercise aims to achieve high levels of synergy and coordination between the friendly navies, which is based on their shared values and commitment to an open, inclusive Indo-Pacific.
  • The Exercise would witness representation by an Indian Navy P8I aircraft along with other countries’ aircrafts.
  • This exercise will test the capabilities of participating aircraft in tracking simulated and live underwater targets, whilst also sharing mutual expertise.

Other Exercises between India and USA:

  • Malabar: India and USA with Japan, Australia participate in the naval war gaming exercise named Malabar.
  • Yudh Abhyas: Military Training Exercise
  • VAJRA PRAHAR: Special Forces Exercise


Q1) What is a P-8I aircraft?

P-8I is a long-range, multi-mission maritime patrol aircraft being manufactured by Boeing for the Indian Navy. It replaced the aging fleet of the Indian Navy’s Tupolev Tu-142 aircraft.