Foot rot disease

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Recently, several farmers raised the concern over “foot rot” disease in the saplings of the Basmati variety of paddy in the nurseries.

About Foot rot disease:

  • It is also known as Bakanae Disease.
  • It is a soil and seed-borne deadly fungus which is seen only in the Basmati variety of paddy.
  • It is caused by ‘Fusarium verticillioides’ fungi.
  • The infected saplings turn pale yellow and become elongated and later, the saplings start drying and usually die.
  • Symptoms sometimes appear after transplantation and the infected plants first grow way taller than the normal plants and die after a few days.

Key Facts about Basmati Rice

  • India is known for its Basmati rice, with the produce from seven States — Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand — earmarked for Geographical Indication.
  • It is known for its mouthfeel, aroma, and length of the grain when cooked and tasted, has a market abroad and brings about ₹30,000 crores in foreign exchange every year.


Q1) What is Fungus?

Fungus refers to an individual organism belonging to the fungal kingdom. Fungi encompass a vast range of organisms with diverse characteristics and lifestyles.

Source: Farmers report ‘foot rot’ disease in Basmati, experts say ‘junk saplings, grow fresh batch’