What is Four-Horned Antelope?


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A rare four-horned antelope has been sighted for the first time in Veerangana Durgavati Tiger Reserve (Sagar district), which was earlier known as Nauradehi Sanctuary.

About Four-Horned Antelope:

  • The four-horned antelope, also called Chousingha, is a small bovid antelope.
  • They are the smallest antelopes found in Asia.
  • Scientific Name: Tetracerus quadricornis
  • Distribution:
    • It is endemic to India and Nepal.
    • In India, they range from the foothills of the Himalayas in the north to the Deccan Plateau in the south. 
  • Habitat:
    • They mostly occur in open, dry, deciduous forests in hilly terrain.
    • They inhabit areas with significant cover from grasses or heavy undergrowth, and close to water bodies.
  • Features:
    • They have a yellowish-brown to reddish coat and are slender, with small legs and a short tail.
    • These antelopes have four horns, which distinguish them from most other bovids, which have two horns.
    • Only males in this species grow horns. One pair of horns is located between the ears, and the other on the forehead. 
    • They are usually diurnal and solitary by nature; however, can be spotted in loose groups of three to four.
  • Conservation Status:
    • IUCN Red List: Vulnerable

Key Facts about Veerangana Durgavati Tiger Reserve:

  • Location: It is spread across Sagar, Damoh, and Narsinghpur, districts of Madhya Pradesh.
  • It is spread over an area of 2,339 square kilometres.
  • It is the seventh tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh.
  • It will encompass areas within the Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary and Durgavati Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • A green corridor linking Panna Tiger Reserve (PTR) with Durgavati will be developed for the natural movement of the tiger to the new reserve.
  • Rivers: Parts of the reserve fall under the Narmada and Yamuna River basins.
  • The Singorgarh Fort is located within the reserve.
  • Vegetation: Dry deciduous type
  • Flora: The chief floral elements include Teak, Saja, Dhaora, Ber, Amla etc.
  • Fauna: Tiger, leopard, wolf, jackal, Indian fox, striped hyena, Nilgai, Chinkara, Chital, Sambhar, Black Buck, Barking deer, Commom Langur, Rhesus Macaque, etc.

Q1: What are Deciduous Forests?

A deciduous forest is a biome dominated by deciduous trees which lose their leaves seasonally. The Earth has temperate deciduous forests, and tropical and subtropical deciduous forests, also known as dry forests.

Source: MP: Rare 4-Horned Antelope Sighted In Veerangana Durgavati Tiger Reserve