Garba Dance

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PM expresses happiness on Garba attaining popularity among National Games participants


  • Garba is a dance form native to the Indian state of Gujarat, performed in October to honour the Hindu Deity of Divinity, Goddess Durga
  • It is a joyful style of dance, based on a circular pattern and characterized by a sweeping action from side to side.
  • Garba performances often include singing and a musical accompaniment traditionally provided by dhol (double-headed drum) and the similar but smaller dholak; hand clapping; and assorted metallic idiophones, such as cymbals.
  • Garba dances celebrate fertility, honour womanhood, and pay respect to any of an array of mother goddesses.
  • In Gujarat the dances customarily mark a girl’s first menstrual cycle and, later, her imminent marriage. Garba dancing also takes place during the nine-day Navratri festival.

Source : PIB