What is Garbhini-GA2?

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Researchers recently developed Garbhini-GA2, an India-specific artificial intelligence model to precisely determine the gestational age of a foetus.

About Garbhini-GA2

  • It is the first India-specific artificial intelligence (AI) model to precisely determine the age of a foetus in a pregnant woman in the second and third trimesters.
  • It has been designed by researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras and the Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI), Faridabad.
  • It is part of an interdisciplinary group for advanced research on birth outcomes – the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) India initiative (GARBH-Ini) programme.
  • It is the first late-trimester GA estimation model to be developed and validated using Indian population data.
  • The Garbhini-GA2 accurately estimates the foetus’ age, reducing error by almost three times.
  • Accurate ‘Gestational Age’ (GA) is necessary for the appropriate care of pregnant women and for determining precise delivery dates. 
  • Once validated in pan-India cohorts, Garbhini-GA2 holds the potential to be widely deployed in clinics across the country, contributing to improved maternal and infant healthcare outcomes and reducing mortality rates.

Key Facts about Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI)

  • It is an autonomous institute of Biotechnology under the Ministry of Science and Technology, with the prime ideology of contributing most of its work beyond discovery and research.
  • It was established in 2009 in Faridabad, Haryana.
  • It integrates multidisciplinary teams from the fields of medicine, science, and technology to harness translational knowledge for clinical research.
  • It also facilitates social Innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of maternal and child healthcare.

Q1) What is the Gestational Age?

Gestation is the period of time between conception and birth. During this time, the baby grows and develops inside the mother's womb. Gestational age is the common term used during pregnancy to describe how far along the pregnancy is. It is measured in weeks, from the first day of the woman's last menstrual cycle to the current date. A normal pregnancy can range from 38 to 42 weeks.

Source: Garbhini-GA2: IIT Madras, THSTI develop India-specific AI gestation age estimation model