Ghaggar River

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Recently, the Ghaggar River and its tributaries caused havoc after reclaiming their floodplains in Haryana.

Why in news?


  • Ghaggar, Tangri, Markanda and others are considered dead rivers in the state and heavily encraoched upon but in this monsoon season they reclaimed their floodplains and caused heavy losses.    


About Ghaggar River: 

  • The Ghaggar and many of its tributaries originate in the Shiwalik foothills of Haryana, Punjab and Chandigarh.
  • Among these tributaries, the Kaushalya, Tangri, Markanda, Beghna and Sukhna rivers are the ones that merge into the Ghaggar.
  • The Ghaggar-Hakra River is an intermittent river in India and Pakistan that flows only during the monsoon season. 
  • The river is known as Ghaggar in India, before the Ottu barrage, and as the Hakra in Pakistan, downstream of the barrage.
  • It eventually dries up in the Great Indian (Thar) Desert.


Q1) What are the characteristics of the Shiwalik range?

The Shiwalik range is characterized by relatively lower elevations compared to the higher peaks of the Himalayas. It consists of a series of hills, valleys, and narrow gorges. The region is rich in biodiversity, with diverse flora and fauna.

Source: A ‘dead’ Ghaggar and its tributaries wrought havoc in Haryana early July; here is how