Gir and Kankrej cattle

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India has imported 40,000 doses of bull semen from Brazil for the first time to boost milk output via artificial insemination of Gir and Kankrej cattle breeds.

About Kankrej

  • It is also called Wadad or Waged, Wadhiar.
  • It originated from Southeast Rann of Kutch of Gujarat and adjoining Rajasthan (Barmer and Jodhpur district).
  • Colour of the animal varies from silver-grey to iron-grey or steel black.
  • It is valued for fast, powerful, draught cattle and also useful in ploughing and carting.
  • Kankrej, famously known as Guzerat in Brazil, is being maintained in large numbers as a pure breed in that country. 

Key facts about Gir breed

  • It is a famous Indian-born dairy cattle breed.
  • It is also known as “Bhodali”, “Desan”, “Gujarati”, “Kathiawari”, “Sorthi”, and “Surati”. 
  • Its native tract is Gir hills and forests of Kathiawar in Gujarat.
  • It is a world-renowned breed known for its tolerance to stress conditions and resistance to various tropical diseases.
  • This breed has been imported by countries like Brazil, USA, Venezuela and Mexico.

Why from Brazil?

  • Brazil has preserved the original breed of Gir cows that was gifted by the Maharaja of Bhavnagar to Brazil in the 18th century.
  • Indian cattle like Gir and Kankrej, which were exported centuries back, have been suitably modified to yield large quantities of milk in Brazil.
  • Both countries are working on training and capacity building, including technology transfer.

Q1) What is Rashtriya Gokul Mission?

It has been implemented for the development and conservation of indigenous bovine breeds since December 2014. It will continue under the umbrella scheme Rashtriya Pashudhan Vikas Yojana from 2021 to 2026.

Source: India imports bull semen from Brazil to raise milk production