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Recently, 114 tribal people from the Hakki Pikki tribal community in Karnataka got title deeds to the land they had been cultivating for about a century.

About Hakki Pikki Tribe

  • Hakki Pikkis (Hakki in Kannada means ‘bird’ and Pikki means ‘catchers’) are a semi-nomadic tribe, traditionally of bird catchers and hunters.
  • It is one of the major tribal communities in Karnataka. They also reside in the Western and Southern states of India, mostly near forest areas.
  • The community migrated from Northern Indiamainly Gujarat and Rajasthan, and is now mainly concentrated in Shivamogga, Davanagere, and Mysuru district of Karnataka.
  • They are recognized as a Scheduled Tribe in India.
  • Occupation:
    • After the implementation of stricter wildlife laws, the tribe changed its occupation from hunting to selling spices, flowers, Ayurveda formulations, and herbal oils.
    • They now travel globally to sell these products, especially in the African continent, where there is a demand for cheaper alternatives to Western medicine.
  • Language:
    • Despite being surrounded by Dravidian languages and living in southern India, the community speaks an Indo-Aryan language.
    • Their mother tongue was designated as 'Vaagri' by scholars.
    • UNESCO has listed 'Vaagri' as one of the endangered languages.
  • Rituals and customs:
    • The tribe follows Hindu traditions and celebrates Hindu festivals.
    • The tribe prefers cross-cousin marriages. The society is matriarchal, where the groom gives dowry to the bride’s family.
    • The eldest son in a family is not supposed to cut his hair so that he can be identified easily.
    • They are non-vegetarians. 


Q1) What are Scheduled Tribes?

The Scheduled Tribes are various officially disadvantaged groups of historically disadvantaged people in India. The terms are recognized in the Constitution of India and the various groups are designated in one or other categories.The term 'Scheduled Tribes' first appeared in the Constitution of India. Article 366 (25) defined scheduled tribes as "such tribes or tribal communities or parts of or groups within such tribes or tribal communities as are deemed under Article 342 to be Scheduled Tribes for the purposes of this constitution". Article 342, which is reproduced below, prescribes procedure to be followed in the matter of specification of scheduled tribes.

Source: Watch | Why is the Hakki Pikki tribal community unhappy with the land given to them?