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Recently, delegates of G20 visited the Hemis Monastery in Leh and also witnessed the famous Cham dance.

About Hemis Monastery: 

  • It is a Buddhist monastery located in Leh City, Ladakh.
  • It belongs to the Drukpa lineage of Buddhism.
  • The monastery was first established in the 11th century and later re-established in the 17th century by the Ladakhi King Sengge Namgyal.
  • It is also famous for its 2-day religious ceremony known as the Hemis Festival.
  • This festival is celebrated in honour of Padmasambhava which is observed here in June.
  • It is the biggest and very richly endowed monastery.

Key Facts about the Drukpa Lineage Buddhism

  • It was founded in the 12th century by Gyalwa Gotsangpa, a disciple of the famous Tibetan master Phagmo Drupa.
  • It is particularly prominent in Bhutan.
  • This is known for its efforts to empower women, and their nuns are allowed to receive the same level of training and education as their male counterparts.


Q1) What is the eightfold Path of Buddhism?

The Eightfold Path consists of right understanding, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration. The goal of Buddhism is to achieve enlightenment, which is the state of ultimate liberation from suffering and the cycle of rebirt.

Source: Ladakh: Y20 delegates visit Hemis Monastery in Leh, witness lively Cham dance