Hercules spider

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In a recent discovery on the Central Coast, approximately 80 km north of Sydney, the largest male funnel web spider ever recorded, named "Hercules," has made headlines.

About Hercules spider

  • It is the largest male funnel web spider ever recorded.
  • Characteristics
    • The spider's impressive size, measuring 3.1 inches from foot to foot.
    • It is equipped with fangs capable of penetrating human nails, Hercules stands as the world's most venomous arachnid.
    • It represents the first male of such magnitude.
    • Male funnel web spiders are known to be more lethal than their female counterparts
  • Range:
    • These are commonly found in forested regions and gardens spanning from Sydney, Australia, the coastal city of Newcastle in the north and the Blue Mountains to the west.
  • Habitat: The warm and humid climate along Australia's east coast provides an ideal breeding ground for funnel web spiders.

What is a funnel-web spider?

  • These are one of the most dangerous arachnids in the world.
  • There are 36 described species of Australian funnel-web spiders and they are currently placed in three genera: Hadronyche, Atrax and Illawarra.
  • The spider has venom, which is filled with 40 different toxic proteins.
  • Its raw venom is the best way to make life-saving antivenom. 

Q1) What is Illawarra ?

It is a monotypic genus of Australian funnel-web spiders containing the single species Illawarra wisharti. It has only been found in the Illawarra region of southern New South Wales. It is a member of the subfamily Atracinae, the Australian funnel-web spiders, a number of whose species produce venom that is dangerous to humans. 

Source: Meet Hercules, world’s most poisonous spider