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Recently, the Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare informed Lok Sabha that ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticulture Research, Bengaluru (IIHR) has developed a variant of hydroponics.

About Hydroponics Farming:


  • Hydroponics is a viable alternative to traditional farming methods for soil less cultivation for enhancing productivity and water use efficiency.
  • Hydroponics is a new concept in India and gaining popularity among entrepreneurs and innovative farmers, who are looking for sustainable and efficient ways to grow crops.
  • At present, this technology is mostly confined to urban farming, rooftop gardening and commercial farming.
  • Cocoponics” or the Soilless production of vegetables, using cocopeat as a substrate, which has been found to be comparatively more successful in many vegetable crops. 
  • The Institute has developed the complete production technology including a liquid nutrient formulation for soilless cultivation of zucchini, colour cabbage, chilli, brinjal, palak, amaranthus, coriander, cucumber, french bean, peas, cow pea, dolichos.


Q1) What is Cocopeat?

Cocopeat, also known as coir pith or coir dust, is a natural fiber extracted from the husk of coconuts. It is a byproduct of the coconut industry and is commonly used as a growing medium in horticulture and gardening. Cocopeat has gained popularity as an alternative to traditional soil due to its many beneficial properties.