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Recently, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) has become a part of the prestigious 18-member steering committee of the International Competition Network (ICN).

About International Competition Network (ICN)

  • The concept for the ICN originated out of recommendations made by the International Competition Policy Advisory Committee (ICPAC), a group formed in 1997.
  • It was established in October 2001 by officials of 15 competition agencies from around the world.
  • The steering committee is the ICN's apex body.
  • The ICN, comprising 140 competition agencies, typically provides antitrust authorities with a specialised, yet informal, venue for maintaining regular contacts and addressing practical competition concerns.
  • The Steering Group members shall elect a Chair from among Steering Group representatives at the ICN Annual Conference in odd-numbered years.
  • It is the only global body devoted exclusively to competition law enforcement and its members represent national and multinational competition authorities.
  • It has no formal Secretariat or premises.

Key facts about CCI

  • It is a statutory body of the Government of India, was established in March 2009 under the Competition Act, 2002.
  • The goal of CCI is to create and sustain fair competition in the economy that will provide a ‘level playing field’ to the producers and make the markets work for the welfare of consumers.
  • Composition:
    • It has the composition of a quasi-judicial body, with one chairperson and six additional members.
    • All members of the CCI are appointed by the Central Government. 
  • Headquarters: New Delhi.

Q1) What is a quasi-judicial body?

It is an entity or organization that possesses certain powers and functions typically associated with a judicial system, such as the authority to make decisions, resolve disputes, and administer justice in specific areas or within a particular domain. But they do not have all the attributes of a traditional court, such as a complete separation of powers, a comprehensive legal process, or the ability to hear all types of cases.

Source: CCI becomes member of International Competition Network's steering group