India Infrastructure Project Development Funding Scheme (IIPDF)

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Recently, to promote the Digital India initiative of the Government of India, the Infrastructure Finance Secretariat has launched the IIPDF Portal for submitting applications for consideration under IIPDF Scheme.

About IIPDF Scheme: 

  • What it is? It is a Central Sector Scheme which will aid the development of quality PPP projects by providing necessary funding support to the project sponsoring authorities, both in the Central and State Governments.
  • Funding:
    • The corpus of the IIPDF shall comprise of initial budgetary outlay of Rs. 100 Crore by the Ministry of Finance.
    • Funding under IIPDF Scheme is in addition to the already operational Scheme for Financial Support to PPPs in Infrastructure (VGF Scheme).
  • Composition of the IIPDF approval committee:
    • Chairperson:  Joint secretory, DEA
    • Representative of NITI Aayog
    • Member Secretary: Deputy Secretory/Private Investment Unit, DEA
  • The approval committee will  
    • Select projects for which project development costs will be funded.
    • Set the terms and conditions under which the funding will be provided and recovered.
    • Set milestones for disbursing and recovering (where appropriate) the funding.
  • The Public-Private Partnership Cell of the DEA will provide support functions to examine the applications received for assistance under IIPDF.


Q1) What is Public-Private Partnership projects?

It is a contractual arrangement between a government or public sector authority and a private sector entity for the provision of public infrastructure, services, or facilities. PPP projects are typically long-term collaborations where the responsibilities, risks, and rewards are shared between the public and private sectors.

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