Indian Air Force Day

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Indian Air Force Day is celebrated on October 8 every year.


  • The day aims to pay a tribute to the Air Force of India and acknowledge their contribution for a successful nation.
  • As a part of the 90th anniversary celebration, nearly 80 military aircraft and helicopters participated in the Air Force Day fly-past on October 8 at the Sukhna Lake complex, Chandigarh.
  • It is for the first time that the IAF decided to hold its annual Air Force Day parade and fly-past outside the Delhi NCR.



  • On October 8, 1932, the former British Empire established the IAF. 
  • It was created to support the British Royal Air Force, particularly against Japan in World War II.
  • The IAF was used to attack Japanese bases in Burma in order to stop the Japanese army's advance toward India.
  • King George VI gave the IAF's accomplishments the prefix "Royal" in 1945.
  • This honorific title was dropped in 1950, when India became a republic.


Source : Hindustan Times