Indian Eagle-Owl

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The Indian eagle-owl was classified as a species only in recent years, thus distinguishing it from the Eurasian eagle-owl.

About Indian Eagle-Owl


  • It is also called the rock eagle-owl or Bengal eagle-owl.
  • It is a large horned owl species native to hilly and rocky scrub forests in the Indian Subcontinent.
  • Appearance:
    • It is splashed with brown and grey, and has a white throat patch with black small stripes.
    • The slightly larger female can reach a total length of two and a half feet, with a wingspan of six feet.
    • Prominent ear tufts that look like horns are seen to project from its head.
  • It was earlier treated as a subspecies of the Eurasian eagle-owl.
  • It is usually seen in pairs. It has a deep resonant booming call that may be heard at dawn and dusk.
  • Conservation Status:
    • IUCN: Least Concern


Q1) What is IUCN?

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is a global organization that works towards the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. It is composed of governments, NGOs, and experts from various fields. The IUCN assesses the conservation status of species, provides data and knowledge on biodiversity, and advocates for policies and actions to address environmental challenges.

Source: The enigmatic Indian eagle-owl