Indian Knowledge System

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The Kerala State Higher Education Council (KSHEC) has recently constituted a committee to formulate an expert opinion on the University Grants Commission (UGC)’s draft guidelines for faculty training on Indian knowledge system (IKS).

About Indian Knowledge System (IKS):

  • Indian Knowledge System (IKS) is an innovative cell under Ministry of Education (MoE) at AICTE, New Delhi.
  • It is established to promote interdisciplinary research on all aspects of IKS, preserve and disseminate IKS for further research and societal applications.
  • It will actively engage for spreading the rich heritage of our country and traditional knowledge in the field of Arts and literature, Agriculture, Basic Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Architecture, Management, Economics, etc. 

Functions of IKS division:

  • Facilitate and coordinate IKS based/related inter and trans disciplinary work done by various institutions in India and abroad including universities, institutions of national importance, R&D laboratories and different ministries and inspire private sector organizations to engage with it.
  • Establish, guide and monitor subject-wise interdisciplinary research groups comprising of researchers from institutes, centers and individuals.
  • Create and promote popularization schemes.
  • Facilitate funding of various projects and develop mechanisms to undertake research.
  • Make Policy recommendations wherever required for the promotion of IKS.


Q1) When was the IKS division established?

The Indian Traditional Knowledge System Division of the Ministry of Education,located in the AICTE Headquarters was established in Oct. 2020.