India’s first Behavioural Lab

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The Rajasthan government recently approved the setting up of India's first Behavioural lab at Jaipur.

 About India’s first Behavioural Lab:

  • It will be set up at the Patel Bhawan at Harish Chandra Mathur Rajasthan Institute of Public Administration (HCM-RIPA), Jaipur.
  • The lab to be set up in about 2665.04 square feet area will be managed and operated by IIM Udaipur.
  • The faculty of the IIM will impart training on applied methods, and certificate courses of Ph.D level will be conducted here.
  • International experts will also be involved in conducting experiments and workshops.       
  • Human behavior will be studied with the help of innovative technology, including ultra-modern software and hardware.
  • Training programs will be organized in various colleges and universities in the field of experiential studies through this laboratory, along with imparting training to teachers and programs for practical training.


Q1) What is behavioral science?

Behavioral science, also known as behavioral economics and looks at the subject of human actions. It encapsulates multiple fields of study, including cognitive-neuroscience, psychology and economics as well as the behavioral aspects of biology, law, psychiatry and political science. Behavioral science studies human behavior, specifically how humans really make decisions in the real-world.

Source: Behavioural lab to be set up in Jaipur