India's First Underwater Metro

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India's first underwater metro recently conducted its trial run under the Hooghly river, Kolkata.

About India's First Underwater Metro:

  • It is a part of Kolkata Metro’s East-West  Corridor.
  • It passes under the Hooghly River in the city's northeast, with the tunnel 13 meter below the riverbed and 33 meter below ground level.
  • Total length of the tunnel: 520 meter
  • It forms part of the 4.8 kms underground section from Howrah Maidan to Esplanade stations.
  • Once this stretch is open then Howrah will be the deepest Metro station (33 meters below the surface) in the country.
  • The metro is expected to cover the 520-meter stretch under Hooghly river in 45 seconds.
  • The tunnel will have exists for emergencies like earthquakes.


Q1) Which is the largest metro in India?

As of 2021, Delhi National Capital Region had the largest operational metro network in India with rail length of 348.5 kilometers. It was followed by Hyderabad with 69.2 kilometers and Bengaluru with 56.1 kilometers.

Source: India's first underwater metro successfully runs under Hooghly river, Kolkata