What is Inflection 2.5?

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Recently, Inflection AI company launched its latest LLM, Inflection 2.5, an upgrade to its model that powers its friendly chatbot Pi personal assistant.

About Inflection 2.5

  • It is an “upgraded in-house model that is competitive with all the world’s leading LLMs.
  • The newly upgraded Large Language Model comes with its signature personality and uniquely empathetic fine-tuning.
  • It has made some stellar strides in areas of IQ such as coding and mathematics.
  • With the new upgrade, Pi has now been endowed with world-class real-time web search capabilities to ensure that users get access to high-quality and up-to-date information in real time.
  • The new LLM, users are talking to the Pi chatbot about a wider range of topics including discussing current events, getting local restaurant recommendations, studying for a biology exam, drafting business plans, coding, and even fun discussions on hobbies.

What is PI chatbot?

  • Pi is an AI chatbot with which one can have deep and meaningful conversations.
  • To access the chatbot, one needs to log on to Inflection.AI, click on Meet Pi, and simply start talking to the chatbot right away.
  • It is more humane and has been promoted as a chatbot that has a personality.
  • It is more like a companion to humans and is free to use.
  • The chatbot comes with a voice, in six distinct voices, to choose from adding life to conversations.
  • The chatbot has been shown billions of lines of text on the open web.
  • This allows Pi to have conversations with users and answer a wide variety of questions, according to the company.

Q1) What is a large language model?

It is a type of artificial intelligence algorithm that’s trained to learn the patterns and structures of a given language. This not only allows it to understand and summarize information, but also generate and predict new content.