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Recently, scientists at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) in Delhi conducted a first-of-its-kind experiment to quantify the impact of the hot weather on crop yield in Punjab and Haryana by using InfoCrop version 2.1

About InfoCrop simulation Model:

  • In 2004, InfoCrop version 1 was launched by the IARI which is being updated regularly.
  • It is a dynamic simulation model for the assessment of crop yields, losses due to pests, and the environmental impact of agroecosystems in tropical environments.
  • It has the life cycle data for almost all the local varieties of 11 crops: paddy, wheat, maize, sorghum, pearl millet, pigeon pea, chickpea, soybean, groundnut, potato and cotton.
  • It provides daily and summary outputs on various growth and yield parameters, nitrogen uptake, greenhouse gas emissions, soil water and nitrogen balance.
  • InfoCrop version 2.1, India’s only dynamic crop simulation model developed and released by the IARI in 2015 to study the long-term impact of climate change and crop management practices on yield.


Q1) What is a simulation?

A simulation imitates the operation of real world processes or systems with the use of models. The model represents the key behaviours and characteristics of the selected process.

Source: As a heatwave spectre hangs again over India’s wheat harvest, its home-grown crop simulation model can help