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The Indian destroyer INS Kochi recently evacuated one of the 18 sailors on board the hijacked commercial vessel MV Ruen off the coast of Somalia.

About INS Kochi

  • It is the second ship of the Kolkata-class stealth guided-missile destroyers built under the code name Project 15A for the Indian Navy. 
  • It was constructed by Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL) in Mumbai. 
  • It was commissioned into Indian Navy service on September 30, 2015.
  • Features:
    • It measures 164 meters in length and approximately 17 meters in width, with a full load displacement of 7500 tonnes.
    • The ship has a Combined Gas and Gas (COGAG) propulsion system, comprising four powerful reversible gas turbines.
    • It can attain speeds in excess of 30 knots.
    • The ship has a complement of 40 officers and 350 sailors.
    • It is equipped with the advanced supersonic and long-range BrahMos Surface-to-surface Missile.
    • The entire anti-submarine weapon and sensor suite fitted onboard, consisting of Indigenous Rocket Launchers (IRL), Indigenous Twin-tube Torpedo Launchers (ITTL), and a bow-mounted New Generation HUMSA Sonar, are fine examples of India’s indigenous efforts in the field of underwater warfare.
    • A state-of-the-art Combat Management System (CMS-15A) has been integrated with the onboard weapons and sensors. 
    • The ship is equipped to operate two Seaking or Chetak helicopters.

Q1) What is BrahMos?

It is a supersonic cruise missile. It is a joint venture between the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) of India and NPOM of Russia. It is named after the rivers Brahmaputra and Moskva.

Source: Indian Navy evacuates injured sailor from hijacked ship