INS Sindhukesari

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INS Sindhukesari has become the first Indian submarine to dock in Indonesia.

About INS Sindhukesari :

  • It is a 3,000-tonne Kilo-class diesel-electric submarine.
  • It was designed as part of Project 877 and built under a contract between Rosvooruzhenie, Russia, and the Ministry of Defence (India).
  • Features:
  • It has a displacement of 3,000 tons.
  • It has a maximum diving depth of 300 meters, a speed of up to 18 knots, and can operate solo for 45 days with a crew of 53.

What are Kilo-class submarines?

  • The Kilo Class is the NATO designation for a naval diesel-electric submarine made in Russia.
  • The original version of the vessels were designated Project 877 Paltus (Halibut) in Russia.
  • They are mainly intended for anti-shipping and anti-submarine operations in relatively shallow waters.
  • The first Kilo Class submarine entered service in the Soviet Navy in 1980, and the vessel continues to be in service in the Russian Navy. 
  • These submarines are 70-74 meters long. It can travel at a maximum speed of 10-12 knots when surfaced and 17-25 knots when underwater.
  • These vessels can carry up to eight surface-to-air missiles and 18 torpedoes or 14 underwater mines. 


Q1) What is a diesel-electric submarine?

As their name suggests, Diesel-Electric submarines run on diesel and electricity. They have a large network of batteries which are charged by the diesel generator. These submarines have to come up to the surface in order to charge their batteries .

Source: Indian submarine INS Sindhukesari docks in Indonesia amid South China sea tensions