INS Sindhuratna

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Recently, The Navy’s INS Sindhuratna which underwent a major upgrade in Russia reached Mumbai after sailing for 97 days and almost 10,000 miles.

About INS Sindhuratna:

  • INS Sindhuratna had gone for an upgrade in Severodvinsk, Russia after a major accident in February 2014.
  • INS Sindhuratna is a Russian Type 877EKM diesel-electric submarine also popularly called a NATO-defined Kilo-class sub.
  • Eight of the Navy’s diesel-electric submarines are Kilo class or Sindhughosh class from Russia (and the former USSR), sourced between 1984 and 2000 and INS Sindhuratna is among the oldest Kilo-class submarines in the fleet.
  • It was commissioned into the Indian Navy in December 1988.


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Source: Kilo-class submarine INS Sindhuratna reaches India after major refit in Russia