Inter Command Ocean Sailing Race 2023

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The Navy flagged off the second edition of the Inter Command Ocean Sailing Race 2023 from Kochi to Goa in a ceremony held at Naval Base, Kochi, recently.

About Inter Command Ocean Sailing Race 2023

  • The race features four 40-footer sail boats INSV Bulbul, INSV Neelkanth, INS Kadalpur and INSV Hariyal promising an adventurous journey in the Arabian Sea.
  • Each sailboat has a crew of eight personnel from three naval commands and a combined team of Andaman and Nicobar Command including Delhi area.
  • The race will cover an approximate distance of 667km between the start point at Naval Base, Kochi, and Goa in about five days.
  • The boats are expected to skilfully leverage the winds and proceed to Goa without the use of engines.
  • The race is special from its previous edition as it includes a mixed crew comprising both men and women officers and sailors, symbolising gender neutrality and providing equal opportunity to one and all.
  • As many as 32 participants would endure the challenges at sea, each one vying for the coveted title, as their vessels navigate through the dynamic currents and strong winds of the Arabian Sea.
  • The race is being organised by Southern Naval Command under the aegis of Indian Naval Sailing Association based at Naval Headquarters, New Delhi.
  • The event is coordinated by the Indian Navy’s Offshore Sailing Club based at ASW School, Kochi and the Ocean Sailing Node based at INS Mandovi, Goa.
  • The Navy uses the race to enhance risk-management abilities and technical skills, as well as instill a spirit of adventure among its crew. 

Q1) What are sail boats?

Sailboats are powered by sails using the force of the wind. They are also referred to as sailing dinghies, boats, and yachts, depending on their size. Sailboats range in size, from lightweight dinghies all the way up to mega yachts over 200 feet long. When the wind is strong enough, sailboats can move very quickly.

Source: Navy flags off Kochi-Goa sailing race