International Conference by Election Commission of India (ECI)

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International Conference by Election Commission of India (ECI) Blog Image


The Election Commission of India is hosting a two day international conference at New Delhi. The ECI leads the Cohort on Election Integrity – which was established as a follow on to the ‘Summit for Democracy’ held in December, 2021.

About International Conference by Election Commission of India (ECI):

  • Theme is ‘Role, Framework & Capacity of Election Management Bodies’.
  • It will have discussions on the current & future challenges being faced by the Election Management Bodies’ with respect to their role and framework to ensure ‘election integrity’.

‘Summit for Democracy’:

  • It was an initiative of US President and hosted in December 2021.
  • Following this Summit, a "Year of Action" was proposed with events and dialogues on themes related to Democracy and to host an in-person ‘Leaders' Summit for Democracy’ subsequently. 
  • The Summit also developed two platforms - ‘Focal Groups’ and ‘Democracy Cohorts’ to facilitate participation in the Year of Action.
  • As part of the ‘Summit for Democracy’ Year of Action, India through the ECI, is leading the ‘Democracy Cohort on Election Integrity’ to share its knowledge, technical expertise and experiences with other democracies of the world.
  • ECI, as its lead, has proposed to also provide training and capacity building programmes to Election Management Bodies (EMBs) across the world and provide technical consultancy as per needs of other EMBs.


Source : PIB