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Ahom era 'Moidams', resting place of royal families, in Assam's Charaideo district have been recommended for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List by its international advisory body International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS).

About International Council on Monuments and Sites: 

  • It was established in 1965 in Warsaw (Poland) as a result of the Venice Charter of 1964 and offers advice to UNESCO on World Heritage Sites.
  • It is an international non-governmental organisation that is composed of professionals, experts, representatives from local authorities, companies and heritage organisations, and is dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of the architectural and landscape heritage throughout the world.

Key facts about Moidams

  • The Moidams (also Maidams) are the mound-burial system of the Ahom dynasty (13th century-19th century).
  • The mound-burial system of the royals of the Ahom dynasty in Assam’s Charaideo district can be likened to the royal tombs of ancient China and the Pyramids of the Egyptians Pharaohs (kings of ancient Egypt).
    • The Ahom rule lasted for about 600 years until the British annexed Assam in 1826.
    • Charaideo, more than 400 km east of Guwahati, was the first capital of the Ahom dynasty founded by Chao Lung Siu-Ka-Pha in 1253.
  • However, after the 18th century, the Ahom rulers adopted the Hindu method of cremation, entombing the cremated bones and ashes in a Moidam at Charaideo.
  • The Moidams enshrine the mortal remains of Ahom royalty and are highly venerated.
  • With the shift of Ahom capital south and eastwards, Moidams have been seen in different parts of Northern Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Northern Burma, Southern China and Northeast India - together defining the region where Tai-Ahom culture prevailed.

Q1: What is the Global Geoparks Network?

It is a non-profit International Association officially established in 2014 subject to French legislation. It is the official partner of UNESCO for the operation of the UNESCO Global Geoparks.

Source: Ahom 'Moidam' recommended for inclusion in UNESCO World Heritage List