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In the digital realm, cookies help in personalisation and user convenience and also play a pivotal role in shaping any online experience.

About Internet cookies:

  • Cookies contain tiny amounts of data about users in text files that act like a website’s memory.
  • As soon as we use a server, tiny amounts of data start getting stored inside a cookie.
  • The website uses it to identify users and their devices, which also stores these cookies.
  • Whenever a user visits the same website, the cookies identify him/her and make it show relevant information.
  • Types of cookies
    • Session cookies: These are temporary cookies like post-it notes for websites.
    • They are stored in your computer’s memory only during your browsing session. Once you close your browser, they vanish.
    • These can help websites remember your actions as you navigate, like items in your shopping cart.
    • Persistent cookies: These are the digital equivalent of bookmarks.
    • They stay on your device after your browsing session ends.
    • Persistent cookies remember your login information, language preferences, and even the ads you have interacted with. They are handy for a more personalised web experience.
    • Secure cookies: These are only sent over encrypted connections, making them safer from prying eyes. Secure cookies are often used for sensitive data like login credentials.
  • Uses of cookies
    • They act as digital ID cards, aiding in user authentication by allowing websites to recognise and keep you logged in during your visit.
    • They foster a sense of personalisation, recalling your preferences such as language choice or website theme.
    • They function as the digital equivalent of a persistent shopping cart, ensuring that items you have added online remain there when you return.


Q1) What is Digital technology?

It refers to the use of digital systems, which are based on binary code (0s and 1s), to store, transmit, process, and manipulate data. It encompasses a wide range of technologies and tools that have revolutionized various aspects of our lives, including communication and entertainment.

Source: Explained | Inside the digital world of cookies