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Recently, chairperson of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) launched the Investor Risk Reduction Access platform.

About Investor Risk Reduction Access platform

  • It has been developed to reduce risks faced by investors in the eventuality of technical glitches at the trading member’s end at both the primary site and disaster recovery site.
  • Its purpose is to provide investors with an opportunity to square off/close their open positions and cancel pending orders using the IRRA platform in case of technical glitches or unforeseen outages that render the trading member’s site inaccessible.
  • It has been designed to reduce risks for investors participating in the market.
  • It is not meant for taking fresh positions or orders, but only to cancel the pending orders.
  • This platform will be available to trading members supporting internet-based trading (IBT) and Security Trading through Wireless Technology (STWT) for their investors. However, it will not be accessible for algo trading and institutional clients.
  • It has been jointly developed by all the stock exchanges – BSE, NSE, NCDEX, MCX and Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India (MSE) 

How will this platform work?

  • Stock exchanges can also monitor parameters like connectivity, order flow and social media posts, and suo moto initiate the enablement of the IRRA service, if needed, irrespective of any such request by the trading member.
  • This service shall be enabled by the exchanges, suo moto, only in case of disruption of trading services of trading member across all the exchanges, where the trading member is a member.
  • On invocation, after basic checks, the platform downloads trades of the trading member from all the trading venues and sends SMS/email to investors using internet trading or wireless technology along with a link to access IRRA.
  • Once the trading member is migrated to the IRRA platform, the investors of the affected trading member will be enabled to access the IRRA platform through a secure login system using their Unique Client Code (UCC) or investor’s PAN number.

Q1) What is Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)?

It is the oldest and largest stock exchange in India which was established in 1875 as the Native Share and Stock Brokers' Association. In 1957, the Indian Government gave recognition to the BSE under the Securities Contracts Regulations Act.

Source: What is the new Investor Risk Reduction Access platform, and how it stands to benefit investors?