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India, the largest consumer and second-largest producer of sugar globally, was recently named the Chair of the International Sugar Organisation (ISO) for the year 2024.

About International Sugar Organisation (ISO)

  • ISO is an inter-governmental body completely devoted to improving conditions on the world sugar market.
  • Its 87 member states represent 87% of global production, 64% of consumption, 92% of sugar exports, and 34% of sugar imports.
  • ISO is based in London.
  • The ISO exists to administer the internationally negotiated 1992 International Sugar Agreement (ISA), the objectives of which are: 
    • to ensure enhanced international cooperation in connection with world sugar matters and related issues.
    • to provide a forum for intergovernmental consultations on sugar and on ways to improve the world sugar economy.
    • to facilitate trade by collecting and providing information on the world sugar market and other sweeteners.
    • to encourage increased demand for sugar, particularly for non-traditional uses.
  • To fulfill these objectives, the ISO undertakes many distinct activities, including workshops, seminars, and its long-established and widely-recognized statistical and analytical work.

Q1) What is Sugar?

The substance we know as sugar is sucrose, a molecule composed of 12 atoms of carbon, 22 atoms of hydrogen, and 11 atoms of oxygen (C12H22O11). Like all compounds made from these three elements, sugar is a carbohydrate. It’s found naturally in most plants, but especially in sugarcane and sugar beets—hence their names.

Source: India to lead global sugar sector as chair of International Sugar Organisation for 2024